This workshop focuses on the Enneagram as a dynamic map which can be used to illustrate and discern the natural, life-giving directional movement of any unfolding project or process. Every process in which we are engaged reflects and expands our sense of Self. Each project itself has a course of development, and we — in the laboratory of the project — are also on a developmental trajectory.

Tracing those trajectories and discovering where they are in the present moment brings awareness of what’s next and of what conscious choices might be made. The gift of this awareness is the possibility of moving with greater ease, joy and freedom in both personal and professional daily living. This is a particularly useful tool during times of evaluation and decision-making, and as a new project or life phase begins.

Current application is both diagnostic and strategic and has been found helpful to counselors, teachers, business leaders, artists and parents. Workshop participants will have the opportunity throughout the presentation to track the development of a specific process of personal interest. Knowledge of the enneagram of personality is helpful but not required. Come join us for the adventure!

is a professional personal coach, spiritual counselor and an ordained New Thought minister. She is co-founder and Program Director for Sargasso Center, Inc., a New Mexico tax-exempt corporation engaged in Discovering and Developing the Inspired Leader Within [sm] which uses the Enneagram and other modalities in its work with corporations and individuals.

Her exploration of the Enneagram over the last 18 years has been developed through study and teaching, in retreat facilitation and leadership, and in private practice with clients in California and New Mexico. She is certified in both the RisoHudson and Hurley-Donson teaching programs. Her undergraduate degree in political science and graduate seminary degree, as well as two decades of Sufi studies, have been part of a broad education in human development and spiritual psychology. She has published several articles on the Enneagram and is currently completing a co-authored workbook on the process model.

Judy Cardoza


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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