This program uses an experiential approach to explore the relationship between personality and the body. Personality–including inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations–will be translated into simple movement concepts of space, time, and energy.

Neuron pathways are the channels through which information travels between the brain and the muscles, nerves, and tendons of the body. The thinking and feeling patterns that we engage most often have the most well-developed pathways. If you are a patient person, you have a well-developed neuron pathway to tolerate quite a bit before you get upset. If you tend to get angry easily, you have a welldeveloped neuron pathway for anger. If there are qualities you lack, such as confidence or patience, then chances are you lack a well-developed neuron pathway for its expression. Developing and training new neuron pathways broadens our options and makes it easier to make new and better choices for handling difficult situations and emotions. The process is designed to increase emotional range, enhance mental and emotional flexibility, allow for growth and change, and increase emotional intelligence.

During the concluding exercise, participants will be guided to a different way of moving that will shift the inner state. By training and trusting our physical intelligence, we will create something that can be used as a physical antidote to a disturbing emotion.

Andrea Isaacs, MA, is a certified professional Enneagram instructor with the Riso-Hudson, Palmer-Daniels, and Hurley-Donson professional Enneagram training programs. She combined her dance career with meditation and her studies in the Enneagram and Transpersonal Psychology to develop EPI (Emotional and Physical Intelligence), a system that explores the relationship between personality and the body. This system includes exercises and techniques for training and increasing one’s physical and emotional IQ. Andrea is a faculty member of the Riso-Hudson Professional Enneagram Training Program, an International Enneagram Association Board member and officer, and co-founding editor/publisher of the Enneagram Monthly. She writes, conducts interviews, and has published several articles on EnneaMotion, Physical Intelligence and Will. She has been an educator for over 30 years and has taught thousands of people of all ages in all walks of life. She teaches workshops and sees private clients internationally.

Andrea has also designed a program for people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Based on the principles of EPI and on her own journey through breast cancer,”Cancer Odyssey”uses meditation, movement, writing and drawing to help people find and express their range of reactions to a diagnosis. It is her earnest belief that giving a voice to these feelings is the best way to get to the other side of them. She is convinced that applying this process to herself helped to expedite her emotional and spiritual healing. This program is designed to bring this process to others. Cancer Odyssey: Poems and Drawings on a Cancer Journey is a self-published book about her journey. 31

Andrea Isaacs


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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