In this innovative approach, the Enneagram simultaneously describes the spiral dynamics of evolution and the multifaceted timelessness of our essence. The Enneagram, like a prism, helps us see the white light of our Being differentiated into nine essential qualities. Modern theories of evolution will be used to illuminate the Enneagram’s scientific validity while articulating a step-by-step model of systemic change. Each phase is defined by its

developmental task, primary function, neurological domain, and corresponding essential quality. In this model if we turn the Enneagram on its side we would see

a fractal-like spiral in which, with each complete developmental cycle, the circle expands and moves up a level. The numbers, starting at nine and returning to nine, represent the phases. This model is very useful in defining the underlying structure of effective psychotherapy and spiritual development, but could also be applied to organizational change. You will see how the tendencies of each personality type lead to psychological disorders when a person fears change, overly identifies with one phase of an evolutionary cycle and resists the next phase. The compulsions of personality are defined as the tendency to get stuck in predictable vicious cycles. Freedom is found by embracing the natural evolutionary flow of life and reconnecting with one’s essential wholeness.

Eric Lyleson, (M.A. Psychology) lived in California until 1987 when he immigrated to Sydney, Australia and founded the Healing Relationships Center. As a registered psychologist he provides individual, family and marital therapy. In addition he has been conducting public and professional training seminars throughout Australia since 1989 including: The Enneagram: Personality and Personal Evolution; Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis; The Art of Couples Therapy; A Course in Miracles; Mindfulness Meditation.

In 2001 Eric was the keynote speaker at the South Australia Enneagram Conference where he presented the workshop, “The Enneagram, Mapping the Hero’s Journey.” As faculty of Relationships Australia and the Australian College of Applied Psychology he taught post-graduate and Masters-level courses. He has trained with Stephen Gilligan, David Schnarch, John Weakland, G. Cecchin, William Emerson, and John Grinder. He is a student of Diamond Way Tibetan Buddhism. Eric is author of “Reflections from Down Under, Getting Lost and Finding Yourself in Nature.” He is currently seeking publication for “Essential Wholeness, Nine Steps to an Evolution of Consciousness.”

Eric Lyleson


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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