We cannot live without suffering, but we cannot suffer without hoping or healing. Many people are hurting and getting sick because of their inability to forgive. Being able to forgive is not so much a gift to others as to ourselves. Ultimately, not forgiving is doing more damage to ourselves than to others. More than a single act, forgiveness is a process that enables us to heal the past, change the framework of the present and open to live more fully in the future. One of the factors that may significantly influence the relationship with forgiveness is one’s personality type.

This workshop will address: the different dimensions of forgiveness; the relationship between one’s type and the challenge of forgiveness; the way the three centers (mind, gut, heart) relate to hurting and forgiveness; the struggle with some feelings that may block or interfere with the healing process; the results of research conducted in Italy and Spain with over 500 people, aimed at exploring what trends or recurring tendencies the 9 types manifest relative to issues dealing with hurt and forgiveness.

This presentation will include an experiential component to work with the issues addressed.

A. Pangrazzi has a doctoral degree in Pastoral Theology from the International Institute for the Theology of Pastoral Health Care, Camillianum, in Rome. He has traveled extensively teaching the Enneagram, group dynamics, pastoral care of the sick, and issues related to death, dying and grief. He is the author of over a dozen 32 books translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Hungarian. He has been teaching the Enneagram since the early 90s and is the President of AIE (Associazione Italiana di Enneagramma) that counts about 150 members. He is a member of the IEA Board.

Phone: 0039. 06. 36303233

e-mail: www.enneagrammaitalia.it

Arnaldo Pangrazzi


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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