Join us for this unique opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with Enneagram practitioners and enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Learn more about our various cultures, and discuss the role of national culture in the study and teaching of the Enneagram. Through interviews and dialogue, we will explore whether and how Enneagram teachers adapt their teaching when presenting in different cultural settings.

We will also update each other on what’s going on with the Enneagram around the world and talk about the IEA’s ongoing efforts to expand internationally. If you have an interest in how the Enneagram is currently situated on the global stage, you won’t want to miss this lively get-together with international Enneagram practitioners.

Uranio Paes is a Brazilian management consultant, coach and Enneagram teacher with more than 3,000 students. Uranio runs “up9 Desenvolvimento Humano,” dedicated to Enneagram applications in business, working for several leading organizations in South America. He is certified by Palmer and Daniels and is a member of the IEA Board of Directors, visioning and leading its international growth plan.

Arnaldo Pangrazzi, Ph.D. is president of the Associazione Italiana Enneagram (AIE) and author of Sentieri Verso la Liberta: L’enneagramma come Teoria della Personalita. A professor of pastoral care and counseling, he teachers the Enneagram throughout Europe, South America, and Asia, and is also the author of books on loss and grief, suicide, pastoral care, health care volunteers, and death and dying.

Uranio Paes
Arnaldo Pangrazzi


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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