It is known that we as human beings only live at 10% of our potential. We limit our possibilities for authenticity in life out of fear, suffering and a lack of healing or being awake. Being stuck in our addictive natures is a confined place where we become powerless and limited. We stay in”life stories”that no longer match our reality.

This presentation will give clear and precise tools for identifying the addictive nature of each Enneagram personality type and provide ways to assist in healing and widening our possibilities of living in essence. We are each responsible to be awake to our most authentic self possible in order to be fully present to this life.

This presentation will be didactic and interactive. Participants will receive some information describing the addictive nature of our Enneagram types and then will work using the oral tradition to identify their own addictive parts and learn how to free up their authentic selves. This work will allow participants to expand from their own limited addictive nature as well as providing tools and experience for counselors and guides to work with others.

Annette Spiezio is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Certified Enneagram Teacher and a Pastoral Counselor. She is currently in a training program for certification in Internal Family Systems.

Annette is founder and president of Spiezio and Affiliates, Assistance Toward Authentic Living, an organization providing counseling and consulting services for individuals, families and organizations. She is also a founding member of Faith Based Consulting firm working with organizations to enhance and maximize potential leadership skills. Annette has held clinical and administrative positions in the pastoral and behavioral health fields, in private, community and health care settings. Annette uses the Enneagram as a tool that informs all of her life and work.

Annette Spiezio


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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