According to Enneagram theory, changes occur in our core personality style during times of personal security as well as times of risk or stress. It is also well known that our stress and security points do influence us both positively and negatively. The Enneagram makes us aware of tendencies and predictions, but we can also use the map to create healing strategies that will help us take charge of our potential and destiny.

This presentation is about seeing the security and stress points from another perspective and independently of outside circumstances or life situations. It will demonstrate a healing strategy based on our willingness to grow and develop. The powers and resources of both points are accessible as we willingly and consciously function out of the healthy perspective of our type. Both points will be presented in an interdependent connection where the two connecting points will reinforce each other positively.

The security point will function as a springboard from where we collect enough energy, awareness, and understanding to create momentum to jump towards the essential qualities and positive tendencies of the stress point. The security point becomes the challenge point where we have to face difficult tasks that test our ability and skills. The stress point becomes the breakthrough point that can move us forward beyond the level of the personality, freeing us from a limited and partial way of seeing reality.

A. Racily has been working as a teacher, trainer, therapist and counselor in South America since 1989 and in Europe since 1998. She specializes in presenting the Ennea-Types through the Emotional Approach (Passions-based teaching, linking emotions with higher awareness) and Spiritual Approach (Essence and Evolution: understanding spiritual development as a human evolutionary imperative).

Racily has been a staff member at the Osho Meditation Academy in Pune, India, for the past 14 years, designing and supervising the courses and trainings based on different eastern traditions including Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, and Vedanta. She has created a series of courses combining the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram with several complementary meditation practices suited to modern life.

Many of her courses are not type-based. Racily likes to position the entire Enneagram map on a single individual, on different subjects, on various spiritual perspectives and traditions, and on the spiritual search. For example, if the map is placed on a specific subject or situation it will reveal nine corresponding aspects or themes concerning this subject. This way of working presents the Enneagram not just as a type-based map but also as a magnificent tool that can be applied to the totality of human experience.

She is currently involved with a growing network of integral visionaries, including Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Don Beck, Brian Swimme, Duane Elgin, and Ervin Laslo.

Brazil: 0055-11

A. Racily


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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