The Enneagram has been “endlessly described but never explained.” The emergence of the nine types, wings theory, and especially the distinctive irregular pattern of the arrows: all have so far been”taken on trust.”In this workshop Michael Hampson offers the Enneagram community – for the first time – a detailed logical and rational explanation for each aspect of the Enneagram system.

The explanation begins with the fundamental and entirely practical question of how we engage with the world around us. To this task we each bring three basic resources: head, heart, and our gut reactions. This workshop will demonstrate how all the essentials of Enneagram theory can be explained directly in terms of the interaction of three things: the particular features of each of the nine types in turn, their arrangement in a circle in a specific order, and their further interconnection according to the Enneagram’s specific irregular pattern of internal lines. The material is logical and rational throughout – with clear links to cognitive, behavioral, and even neurological psychology. Participants will take away fundamental new insights into all aspects of Enneagram work and will learn the ultimate defense of the Enneagram against its critics.

The material draws on and supplements the author’s book, Head versus Heart – and our Gut Reactions: The Twentyfirst Century Enneagram, published February, 2005.

Michael Hampson studied cognitive, behavioral, and neurological psychology in the rigorously scientific Department of Experimental Psychology (“Experimental”as in “scientific experiment”) at Oxford University. During his six years at Oxford he graduated in Philosophy and Psychology and then in Theology. He brings all of these disciplines to his work on the underlying structure of the Enneagram.

Michael’s book, Head versus Heart – and Our Gut Reactions: The Twentyfirst Century Enneagram, was published February 2005 by”O Books”ISBN 1903816920

Michael Hampson


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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