This presentation offers an experiential way to integrate Brian Swimme’s concepts of the evolutionary dynamics of the Universe with the Enneagram. Through the Cosmic Walk, a prayerful meditation representing the proportionate story of the 14 billion year unfolding Universe, we can experience a holographic model of evolving consciousness that can serve as a model for our personal journeys toward wholeness.

As we engage the deep-time story of Earth and Cosmos, our consciousness expands from the personal and psychological to include ecological and cosmological consciousness as well. We will consider how our experience of the Enneagram and our response to the wonders of the Universe can be enriched by this expression of the Cosmic Story.

The structure of the event includes: Presenters’ stories of their encounters with the Cosmic Walk through their Enneagram Styles; Cosmic Walk along a timeline set out on the floor in a spiral pattern, with a reading of the Cosmic Story; Interactive session for guided discussion and readouts by type-groups.

Gail Barber, J.D., is founder of Barber Consulting, providing personal coaching and consulting to organizations in transition using the Enneagram. She has a combined 30 years experience as Corporate Counsel for both small entrepreneurial and large publicly held corporations, advising senior management on corporate strategy, handling business transactions, labor negotiations, and litigation.

Eleanor McKenzie DelBene, R.M.T., D.Min., has been in private practice in spiritual direction in Alabama since 1980. She has an extensive background in holistic health care education, is a licensed massage therapist, and holds Doctor of Ministry degrees in Spiritual Direction and Creation Spirituality. Dr. DelBene is President of The Hermitage, a nonprofit corporation devoted to providing opportunities to explore resources for personal and organizational growth and development. She is currently developing Sacred Matters, a nine-session journey into the Cosmic Story and the 14-billion-year evolutionary dynamics of the Universe. eleanor@

Cathy S. Wright, J.D., is an experienced trial attorney and is a principal of the Clarus Group, a management consulting firm. She uses the Enneagram in management and leadership development. She has over 20 years trial experience ranging from antitrust to class actions. She is a certified mediator, and has taught Alternative Dispute Resolution, including negotiation techniques, in numerous settings, including as an Adjunct Professor of Law.

EnneagramInsights is a collaboration of Cathy Wright and Gail Barber, offering Enneagram training, workshops, coaching and consulting for business applications and personal growth. Both Cathy and Gail have certified in the Enneagram Professional Training Program and have completed the Train-the-Trainers program.

Gail Barber
Eleanor DelBene
Cathy Wright


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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