A panel of parents of young children (infants to third graders) will share the insights they have gained through Enneagram-focused parenting classes taught by Karen and Heather. The workshop will open with an overview of the EnneaGuide to Parenting syllabus and the coaching and personal development methodology used in the training adapted from Integral Coaching. They will then present highlights of the insights and results from the parent participants.

During the panel discussion, parents will relate their stories about how their Enneagram type influences their innate approach to parenting, what is easy and challenging for them as parents, and what parent/child interactions particularly push their buttons and evoke their best. They will also describe the ways in which they have learned to observe their reactivity triggers and how “catching themselves in the act” has helped to loosen their habitual responses. Finally, they will share stories about learning to appreciate the parenting styles of the other Enneagram types, especially as it relates to co-parenting with their spouse and learning from other parents.

Karen Jacke has 28+ years experience as an executive and certified Integral Coach and 25+ years being a mother of two. She credits a lot of her positive feelings about parenting to the powerful insights into herself and her kids provided by the Enneagram. Karen teaches the Enneagram to parents, coaches, and leaders in the Bay Area and serves as adjunct faculty at New Ventures West. She has an MBA and has completed Ginger LapidBogda’s Enneagram in Business Train-the-Trainers program.

Heather Neely: For the last decade Heather has worked as a coach, facilitator, speaker and organizational development consultant in the areas of generational diversity and leadership development. Since becoming a parent in 2003, Heather has focused on coaching and supporting young parents. She believes understanding the Enneagram leads to more joyful parenting through increasing self-awareness and learning more conscious responses to the daily challenges of parenting. She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from JFK University and is a Certified Integral Coach trained by New Ventures West.

Karen Jacke
Heather Neely


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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