Enneagram character typology is used in a psychology and human growth context. Relations between psycho-types and biotypes are infrequent and few investigations relate enneatypes with specific biotypes to assess if a correlation exits. The purpose of our research was to establish relations between psycho-enneatypes and biotypes, as classified by Sheldon, Kretschmer, Heath, and Carter.

The initial results of the research suggest an interesting and consistent relationship between the cerebral, emotional and instinctive psychotypologies and the ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic biotypes.

This possible relation can be explained on the basis of the growth of the different tissues developed from the three embryonic layers: ectoderm, endoderm or mesoderm. Likewise, the studies made by Alan Turing (creator of the computer), DArcy Thompson, and Rupert Sheldrake, among others, set forth some possible explanations of the origin of human shape as a result of specific laws.

The research furnishes possible new criteria about the comprehension of the psychological structure and strongly supports the Enneagram tool not only as psychological characterization but also as biological characterization. These results set forth new hypotheses about human morphogenesis, human shape and enneatypes.

Dr. Eduardo Insignares-Carrione is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, practicing in Bogota, Colombia. In 1984 he received the Colombian National Award of Medicine. His MS studies were in Pathology, Biological/ Bioenergetic Medicine, and Occupational Health. He is a Professor and Founder of the Genesis Foundation and the Albert Einstein Higher Education Center for the teaching of Doctoral Degree Studies in Medicine, Odontology, Bioenergetic Veterinary, and Transpersonal Psychology. He is also a researcher for the Asociacion Humanista para el Ser integral (AHSER).

Eduardo Insignares-Carrione


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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