Each of the nine types’ emotional patterns creates a particular physical structure that results in certain tension areas in the body. When the tension is constant the muscles become conditioned and will trigger certain responses. The objective of this is to keep the relation between sensation and reality at a healthy level in our consciousness.

Fear, for instance, produces tensions that can be noticed in the area of the eyes and in the experience of shortness of breath. When this structure doesn’t change, the body consciousness will accept this as the normal way to live. The nine emotional patterns of the Enneagram can be studied as nine different points of view and each person will organize his life based more on one than another. Mrcio will talk about body language and how we can raise our consciousness to go beyond the habitual conditioning of your type. Mrcio Alberto Schultz is a Brazilian Reichian therapist. Over the past 11 years he has developed many ways to apply the Enneagram with groups and individuals desiring to improve their personal or professional life. Mrcio’s work addresses the relationships among different aspects of the Enneagram, including the passions and the fixations and he shows how these elements will are manifest in the development of muscular characteristics and the structures of mental defenses that everyone develops in childhood.

Marcio Alberto Schultz


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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