This presentation is about the use and application of graphology as a natural ally to Enneagram typing. Contrary to most methods of typing based on subjective observations of motivations and behaviors, handwriting offers a plethora of subconscious and unconscious clues. The advantage is that we have them on paper and can study them objectively at our convenience. It is priceless when comparing old samples with new, and seeing the progress or changes the personality of the writer has undergone at various points in life.

Our genetic makeup, the way our brain and nervous system work, along with effects from the environment are expressed by countless unconscious impulses in our handwriting. The inherent differences between the nine types are often strikingly obvious once pointed out, and are easy to recognize even by untrained eyes.

This correlation between inner motivation as described by the Enneagram and handwriting has not escaped graphologists in many of the most prestigious schools in Europe and the US.

During the presentation we will pay special attention to distinctions typical for each center and examine handwriting samples provided by the participants. We will also conduct practical experiments with “feeling” what it’s like to be a different type by triggering that experience by briefly adopting diverse handwriting patterns.

Claudio Garibaldi is a Professional Handwriting Analysis Expert and a teacher in the Italian Association of Enneagram Studies. He was born in Genoa, Italy, and holds a degree as a Professional Graphologist from the University of Urbino, Italy. He is currently working for a Human Resource Company in Italy on a project applying the Enneagram and Handwriting Analysis and teaching this application to the handwriting experts’ community in Europe, Canada and United States, to the American Society of professional Graphologists, the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, and to Enneagram students. Garibaldi’s own research results have been published in the Enneagram Monthly in 18 consecutive issues.

Claudio Garibaldi


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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