The emergence or evolution of an ego self has provided the necessary differentiation for consciousness to become self-reflective in the human person. It is intimately involved in the characteristic human energies of thinking and knowing, willing and loving. However, the egoic self typically develops without awareness of our truer, inner Self…. that Self that resides at the center of our being where we are united with and arise from divine Source.

As an emergent being, the human person is not “finished” but rather is in the process of becoming more conscious and an agent of evolution itself. We become more fully human, more creative, freer and more loving to the extent that we are Self-realized; and that requires a shift in identification from the ego self to the inner, or True Self.

This workshop will focus on how the Enneagram contributes to Selfrealization. Using didactics and diagrams, the presenters will share their experience of working with students to explore the structure of their Type, strengthen the capacity of their Inner Observer, relax the contraction against their life force, and open to the experience of the Virtues and the Holy Ideas. The workshop will conclude with an exercise to facilitate participants’ experience of their Holy Idea.

Carole Whittaker, Ph.D., is a certified professional Palmer-Daniels Enneagram teacher. She teaches introductory Enneagram workshops and facilitates process work with small groups. Along with teaching contemplative prayer and Christian spirituality, Carole has developed and coordinates an extensive program of Enneagram courses at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale,Arizona. That program includes introductory workshops, presentations by Helen Palmer, David Daniels and Peter O’Hanrahan, and in-depth follow-on classes facilitated by local teachers.

Her doctoral degree is in the field of physical chemistry and her previous classroom teaching includes chemistry and mathematics and the development of continuing education programs in the physical sciences for UCLA Extension.

Gloria Cuevas-Barnett is certified in the Palmer – Daniels Narrative Tradition. She teaches Enneagram workshops and follow-on courses and facilitates process work at the Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, Arizona. Gloria is Director of the Center for Development of Human Potential. The Center has developed a unique, highly intensive format using the Fourth Way Gurdjieff Work and the Enneagram for personal and spiritual development. The Center conducts study groups, retreats, workshops, and individual coaching. Gloria has been a member of both the IEA and the Association of Teachers in the Narrative Tradition since inception. She presented a paper at the Ist International Enneagram Conference in 1994.

Carole Whittaker
Gloria Cuevas-Barnett


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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