The Enneagram fixations and passions are rooted in the body. Sensation, emotion and thought conspire to fashion a creative approach to the world. When these somatic forces are in natural alignment, we thrive. We engage the world as it is, and as it changes. But when our approach becomes fixated, we suffer.

The Enneagram fixations and passions fluster the body’s natural energies. The soma is kicked out of alignment. We feel uncomfortable inside our own skin. A return to natural engagement with the world requires direct attention to the body itself. Embodiment practices speed the return of our whole being to balance and harmony.

This presentation, both experiential and didactic, invites participants to investigate the differences between fixated versus lucid thinking, feeling, sensing and moving.We will speak the language of the body, experience the posture of natural design, and explore how Enneagram type specifically shows up in the body. But most importantly: We will learn how to enjoy the world with senses wide open.

Johanna Putnoi is the author of Senses Wide Open: The Art and Practice of Living in Your Body, Somatics Through the Lens of the Enneagram, and numerous published articles. Certified in the Narrative Tradition in 1989 and Lomi Somatics in 1979, Johanna was one of the first to develop an innovative method for teaching the Enneagram of the Body.

Johanna Putnoi


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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