This workshop invites individuals to explore their personal, political, and cultural relationship to money. Individuals will identify the specific roadblocks that are present in their prosperity consciousness.

Enneagram panels, dyads, meditation, and subtype groups will be used to explore each person’s core habits and patterns relative to accumulating, spending, and making money.

The session begins with a discovery process, so that each individual has a clear frame of how and where they block their experience of prosperity. Following this discovery exercise, each participant is offered a variety of tools and suggestions for removing their blocks. As the session closes, each person makes a personal commitment to change based on their level of comfort and desire. The intention of the session is to give each person a renewed sense of their future.

Mackey McNeill, CPA is President/CEO of The Advisory Team, CPAs and Business Advisors and The Wealth Advisory Team, Investment Managers and Prosperity Planners, firms she founded in 1983 and that are recognized as one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati. Mackey’s passion is to support her clients in expanding their current paradigms of prosperity. Mackey is the author of The Intersection of Joy and Money.

Deborah Ooten, Ph.D. is the President/CEO of the Conscious Living Center, which houses the School of Conscious Living, a two- year program dedicated to teaching the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, and Coaching. She is also the President/CEO of Conscious Dynamics, a company that works with corporations, teams, and individuals to create bold companies one person at a time. Debbie is the current Vice President of the IEA.

Mackey and Deborah have collaborated to produce a The Dynamics of Money a 4-CD set of the three subtypes of all nine types exploring their relationship with money.

Deborah Ooten
Mackey McNeill


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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