In Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) every behavior has a reason based in patterns of thinking and an emotional consequence that comes with that behavior. What CBT does is to change the distortions in the belief system of each type. By learning new experiences, the unhealthy behavior associated with type changes in to a more healthy pattern. It brings out the best of each type by going from a negative to a positive style of thinking and creating plans of action based on these new, more positive ways of thinking.

CBT is about accepting the responsibility of one’s choices, something that the Enneagram also teaches. Each type will learn about their own behavioral reasons for the choices they make as a result of their thinking style.When an individual becomes aware of the reasons they make the choices they do, they realize that these choices grow out of their assumptions. In this method of changing personalities, participants will learn about the unhealthy aspects of their type, why those aspects arose in childhood, and the alternatives they have.

Delbar Niroushak has a doctorate in clinical psychology and works as a CBT and MCBT counselor. She also does group therapy and family therapy, works as a business consultant, and trains students at the Medical School of Esfahan and Tabriz. Delbar is on the faculty of the University of Republic Islamic Asad in Roodehen Tehran and trains managers and employees to use the Enneagram at work.

Delbar Niroushak


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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