The Psychology of Self-Creation introduces a novel understanding of the Enneagram that bridges and integrates psychological and spiritual theory and practice. Fundamental to this approach is the conviction that human beings, through the exercise of free-choice, are ultimately self-creating. Our deepest striving is to know the essential truth about ourselves, and about life, and to live our lives as an authentic expression of that truth.

This workshop will take participants beyond personality typology into a conception of the Enneagram as a comprehensive map of personal development and inner experience. By understanding the universal themes associated with each point of reference, a person can find hidden obstacles to growth, as well as unlimited resources and richness that go well beyond what people believe to be their particular “number.”

Leonard Carr is a clinical psychologist who has over 25 years experience in counseling in diverse lay and professional settings. He has provided ongoing training and individual and group case consultation to many welfare and counseling organizations. As an expert witness he has presented findings in the courts of South Africa and has had forensic reports accepted by courts in many countries. He has done advanced training in Narrative Therapy with Michael White, is certified in Spiral Dynamics, and has completed the Integral Leader program at Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute. He runs growth courses and workshops based on his Psychology of Self-Creation model, and he consults locally and internationally with corporate organizations, the South African government, and NGOs. He has appeared on national and international television and radio programs, and has his own regular radio show called,”The Soulfulness of Everyday Life,” on Infusion Radio.

Leonard Carr


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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