Beyond emotional intelligence, this experiential workshop invites participants to explore presence as the essential and vitalizing element at the heart of being, the potent force animating the full spectrum of human development from personal to professional. The transforming power of presence in human development and vital relationships will be explored and embodied through lecture, inner practice, exercises, panel work in the Narrative Tradition, and guided interactions. This workshop will be especially useful to therapists, counselors, spiritual guides, and coaches.

David Daniels, M.D. is a clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford Medical School and co-author of The Essential Enneagram. In private practice for more than three decades, David has taught the Enneagram system at Stanford, in the community, through the Enneagram Professional Training Program, and internationally for 20 years. He brings his knowledge of the Enneagram to individuals, couples, and groups, and to a wide range of applications in clinical practice and the workplace. He also was a founder of the IEA, having organized the first IEA International Conference at Stanford in 1994.

David Daniels


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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