Drawing on Oscar Ichazo’s theory and method, this session will present, through personal statements and story and examples of music expressing the Three Instincts, a practical experience of the Three Instincts. We will also hear an example of a single that was successful in Europe related to this.

In addition, session participants will be introduced to the Seven Sacred Vocals and related breathing/singing exercises using selected pieces of music produced by the presenter. This will also be connected to the work of Ichazo.

Finally, by singing the Song of the Heart with the participants, an experience the Nine Divine ideas, according to the Enneagram of Divine Ideas developed by Ichazo, will be evoked.

Tato Gomez is the man who, as musical producer, helped Austrian Pop-hero, Rainhard Fendrich’s Macho Macho become a big success in the European rankings. All of his musical productions went Gold and Multiple Platinum in Austria and Germany. His productions with Spanish Rockstar, Miguel Rios, and Purple Schulz (Germany) also achieved gold status. He was the producer of the background tracks for the German version of the TV show Pop Idol and the Shaolin Monks Show, Lotus and Sword (world tour).

Originally from Chile, Tato is the first producer of “baby-music” in the world (Happy Baby-Baby’s first music and the Art of Living collection for Wellness Music). He is also a Trainer and Sponsor of the Arica System and Integral Philosophy. Produced with the help of Oscar Ichazo, the CD The Sound of Light introduced Ichazo’s “sound mysticism” concept and the work with the Seven Sacred Vocals of the ancients. Tato Gomez Musicproductions, Euskirchen Germany, www.tatogomez.de

Tato Gomez


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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