Alone, the Enneagram is a valuable map of the unconscious, but as the key to venerable and more enlightened ways of consciousness, its value is beyond price. The Enneagram diagram is like a valuable antiquity revealed in the desert. The Enneagram is a fragment of a lost and ancient way to deepen and awaken consciousness in human beings. The esoteric tradition from which it draws inspiration allows for a dynamic and masterful fusion involving the union of philosophy, psychology, history, alchemy, theology, mysticism and magic.

In this presentation, drawing on 20 years of academic research, therapeutic supervision, contemplative practice and Enneagram teaching around the world, David Burke will present a compelling and exciting journey into the vision and synthesis of the Enneagram and one of the great rediscoveries of the modern Consciousness Movement.

The Tao te Ching is the seminal and universally accessible text for all those who seek deeper consciousness or enlightenment. As a published work its popularity is second only to the Bible. Its inscrutable and illusive style, its simplicity and elegance, weaves a graceful message for all the ages.

In this presentation David Burke will read from his beautiful and inspirational translation of the Tao while providing an insightful and memorable commentary on the text.

David Burke is the founding and current Director of the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies and is a leading authority on the Enneagram personality system, lecturing throughout Australia and internationally. David established the oral tradition of the Enneagram in Brisbane in 1994 through the St. Mary’s Project, and is well regarded for his work on the psychological and theological origins of the Enneagram within neoplatonic philosophy.

As Managing Director of Ingenius Communication Consultants, David consults widely to business, educational and community based organizations and is an experienced counselor and spiritual director. David established a residential centre for spiritual contemplation and research at Andelaine in the Gold Coast hinterland in 2003. David has worked extensively with teachers, parents and students in schools to develop more effective teaching, and is internationally recognized for his work with teaching and learning styles.

He is currently completing doctoral studies at the Centre for Islamic Research, Griffith University, with Imam Mohammad Abdulla, and has worked for over a decade with the eminent Patristic scholar, Prof. Pauline Allen. He studied the Enneagram in Australia with Tony Hempenstall cfc and in the USA with Palmer and Daniels.

David Burke


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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