How can the experience of loss of loved ones or our own impending death open the opportunity for growth and transformation? What are steps in the grief process? What are prevalent misunderstandings about the grief process? How do life and grief operate concurrently? What do the types have to say about working with death, loss, and grief? And how might the grief of loss transfix (transfix = to shock, terrify or pierce somebody so much as to induce an inability to move) or transform life? These questions will be explored emphasizing the way each type can work with death, loss, and grief in ways that support healing, personal growth, and especially spiritual development. In fact, the grief process allows us to get to our most fundamental beliefs, to profoundly self-forgive, and to access the higher qualities that have always been there.

Core to this workshop is Megan’s presentation of her one-person version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play titled,”WIT: A Journey into the Lightness of Being,” which movingly presents the issues and themes inherent in death and dying. In addition, Margaret Edson, the playwright, may be present for the closing discussion. The workshop will also use short lecture, inner reflection, type group exploration, a 9-types panel, and discussion.

David Daniels, M.D. is a clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford Medical School and co-author of The Essential Enneagram. In private practice for over three decades, David has taught the Enneagram system at Stanford, in the community, through the Enneagram Professional Training Program, and internationally for 20 years. He brings his knowledge of the Enneagram to individuals, couples, and groups, and to a wide range of personal and workplace applications. He also was a founder of the IEA, having organized the first international conference at Stanford in 1994. See the Enneagram Worldwide website: http://www.

Megan Cole, M.A. has had a long acting career on the professional stage and television, where she has appeared on programs such as Seinfeld, ER, and Star Trek.

Ms. Cole originated the leading role in Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer Prizewinning drama WIT, for which she won the L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle Award. She also tours with her solo version of the play,”The Wisdom of WIT.” Megan additionally conducts workshops in healthcare venues across the country on empathic physician/patient communication, literature and medicine, and the human face of medicine.

David Daniels
Megan Cole


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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