How can we effectively integrate the Enneagram as a permanent coaching tool in business? This session will show the case of an international insurance company that wanted to change the leadership style of its employees by becoming “coaches”, using the Enneagram as the undelying framework. We will share the program and the intervention. We will then work on practical case studies which will address the main issues faced during the implementation of the program and will see how important it was that the whole company was involved in the process and the cultural change that took place and open the session for questions and discussion.

Hugo Kruger is owner and manager of HR GROUP CONSULTING. He has conducted Enneagram training programs in business and Universities since 2002, using it as a tool for self-awareness, negotiation, team building and leadership. He is a Psychologist, with a Magister in Organizational Development, has a Master in mental health and is an actor.

He is President of the Chilean affiliate of the IEA and co-author of El Eneagrama en la Organizacin,(The Enneagram in the Organization) (Ed. Cerro Hueln, 2005).

Hugo Kruger Droguett


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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