The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications is a method that turns the Enneagram of Personality into a computerized tool that allows the recognition of the personal profile within the prototype profile. It is designed as a way of testing the theoretical concepts that support it and, at the same time as a dynamizer (activator) of the subjective conscience. It identifies those aspects shared by people of the same type in the prototype profile as well as our own combination in a personalized diagram. The personalized diagram aids the comprehension of fundamental issues in the development of our personality, and identifies resources and potentialities, as well as limitations and disturbances of the type. Therefore it is also useful as a symptom detector. In this case the simple insight would not be enough and psychotherapy would be required.

Viviana Trucco, from Argentina, got her degree as a Psychologist, and worked as a Psycholinguistic Researcher and afterwards became a therapist focusing on integrative approaches. She currently leads workshops on personal growth.

Viviana Trucco


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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