What does it mean to say that we have all the nine Enneagram types within us? What role does early childhood experience play in forming our unique personalities around our core type? How can we use a deeper understanding of our early childhood development to grow and transform as adult seekers?

We explore these questions, using a developmental Enneagram model that aligns the nine points around the circle with nine successive phases of early childhood development. This model draws upon the insights of developmental theorists such as Margaret Mahler, Daniel Stern, and John Bowlby; the discoveries of Enneagram teachers such as A. H. Almaas, Don Riso, and Russ Hudson; and the pioneering work of G. I. Gurdjieff.

In addition to presentation, we use music, poetry, and experiential exercises to give participants a deeper, felt sense of:

The concrete truth that we each contain lived, historical traces of all nine types within us.

How our inborn Enneagram type interacts with our early holding environment to create the complex traits and structures of our unique personality.

The dynamic unfolding of individual and collective consciousness modeled by Gurdjieff ‘s “process Enneagram.”

Dave Hall and Katy Taylor are Certified and Authorized RisoHudson Teachers, offering a variety of Enneagram workshops as well as individual consultations. They are both students of the Diamond Approach. Dave is a psychiatric RN and long-time Vipassana practitioner, while Katy is an Interfaith Minister.

Dave Hall
Katy Taylor


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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