Envy is a “dirty little secret” of all types and an uncomfortable reality of human nature we prefer to avoid talking about. By increasing awareness of “envy hooks,” we can learn to recover the “gold” and re-establish our relationship to “the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.” We will use the archetypal Cinderella story to gain clues about the various expressions of envy; the ways it undermines; and the pathway to claim our own goodness. Type-alike dialogue, body awareness, visualization, and experiential activities will be used to keep us grounded and centered as we discuss this challenging and enlightening subject.

Barbara Arney, M.A. is an experienced Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Spiritual Catalyst. She is currently using the Enneagram as one of the cornerstones in her nine month intensive,”Birthing your Magic: a Sacred Journey”. As a Type 4, she practices movement, meditation, and dream work to stay in right relationship to envy.

Barbara Arney


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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