The Enneagram is both a map and a path. When we explore the nine different personality expressions that the Enneagram maps out, we can gain rich insight about ourselves and our habitual patterns. The path of growth involves developing awareness of these insights while they are operating in us. This is done by cultivating the “Inner Observer,” the mechanism of the mind that can observe itself thinking, feeling, and doing. Practicing mindfulness is a very effective way to develop this awareness.

This workshop will introduce you to the benefits and practice of mindfulness meditation. There will be teaching, discussion and practice. Come and learn how cultivating a daily practice can help you observe your habitual patterns without judgment and consciously choose to express your higher qualities.

Ruth will be using meditations from her new CD,”The Mindful Enneagram – 9 Meditations For Personal Transformation.”

Ruth Shell, M.A. is a Counselling Psychologist practicing in Vancouver, Canada since 1982. Her work with individuals, couples, families and businesses is informed by a family systems approach. Ruth teaches workshops on the Enneagram as well as mindfulness practice and utilizes these teachings extensively in her clinical practice.

Visit Ruth online at

Ruth Shell


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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