Much is written about evolution, but the heart of the matter lies in the inner experience of people whose lives are broken open by change. In these times, we are literally and metaphorically annihilating one another over changing views of God.

In this session, Leslie takes us from an outside view of the Integral map into the lived experience of people who’s lives and faith have been rocked by evolving notions of God. Too often, the guruteaching model has been foregrounded as a primary path for those seeking to evolve their understanding of “The Way.” Here Leslie shows us that it is love that evolves us through a process of intention, attention and trusting our own inner authority as we relax into the “field.” This is a dynamic, deepening, three-centered experience of self within community.

She explores how our Enneagram type is both an obstacle and opening to our own evolution through images, music, story and compelling narrative interviews with type exemplars.

Leslie also shares insights, the thorny challenges and lessons in using the Integral map, the Enneagram and the Narrative teaching style in her work with people whose traditional religious and spiritual identities are being challenged by changes which preceded deeper awakenings.

Leslie Hershberger co-facilitated Coming Home and Between You and Love with Ken Wilber and David Riordan, and cofacilitated Patterns of Being: Where the Narrative Enneagram and Integral Theory Meet with Helen Palmer and is the Enneagram facilitator for Integral Recovery. She integrates the Enneagram, three-centered contemplative practice and Integral in her work.

Leslie Hershberger


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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