In this session, you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of your health (including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) using two aspects of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model, Levels and Type. (For truly integral health we would need to consider all aspects of the AQALALASAT but we won’t have the time for that in just one session. There are many models we could use to explore either of these but we’ll be using the work of Clare Graves and the Enneagram.) There will be a short introduction to the Graves Model but we shall quickly move on to exploring your health in a very practical way using each of the worldviews that Graves discovered.You will work in pairs of the same Enneagram Type considering your health using a combination of guided meditation and discussion.

In the second half of the workshop we’ll open up the discussion and explore how we can use the model with others, and also the implications of working using Levels and Types.We shall finish by developing an individual Integral Health Action Plan.

Peter McNab is an INLPTA Master Trainer who has run dozens of NLP workshops up to the level of INLPTA Trainer, in over twenty countries on four continents. In 1995 he discovered the Enneagram, Clare Graves’ model, and Ken Wilber’s Integral model, and since then has been working towards integrating these models predominantly in leadership workshops. He is the author of Towards an Integral Vision: Using NLP and Ken Wilber’s Integral Model to Enhance Communication, NLP Practitioner Cards, and the app, NLP Models. Peter sits on the Executive Committee of the IEA as Secretary, edits Nine Points, and co-edits the IEA Journal.

Peter McNab


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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