Ideally suited to fans of rock, pop, and emo, this musical odyssey through Ichazo’s nine Passions invites you to make friends with your favorite “sin”– instead of acting out or resisting it. During a brief audio/visual presentation, you will learn about the Passions through the core issues of each Center. Each Passion is “fleshed-out” with music, graphics, and text allowing you to quickly grasp the emotional energy behind each type. The power and impact of music allows you to understand the Passions not only intellectually but also with your heart and gut.You will then learn and apply the RAIL formula, (recognize, accept, investigate, and let go) to release patterns that keep feeding your Passion.You’ll also discover:

Why becoming aware of bad habits and parts of the self that want to get rid of them leads to new awareness

How change occurs when you stop punishing what’s wrong and rewarding what’s right

How opening to the present moment cultivates peace and gives you a broader perspective

The format includes inner practices and group exercises. Applying these will help liberate you from the thrall of your Dominant Affect.

Lisa Morrice is a Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram teacher, Authorized Workshop teacher, and Enneagram Institute Network Member, with more than eight years professional experience applying the Enneagram to business, coaching, training, and workshops. She co-chairs the International Enneagram Association of Southern California.

Lisa Morrice


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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