Making and keeping commitments with each other is crucial. It is the lifeblood of relationships and the primary way we get things done in organizations. Yet, many of us travel through life without knowing how to effectively communicate with others to make and keep commitments. We don’t converse skillfully about expected results, who is responsible for what, and how we will proceed. The result? At best, dropped hand-offs and confusion; at worst, derailed careers and fractured relationships. Fortunately, there is a path out of miscommunication hell and into conversational excellence. And it differs by Type. In this session, we’ll explore the anatomy of Conversations for Action and reveal stretches and strengths by Type.

Through live demonstrations and case studies, we’ll experience the dynamism of this model by exploring:

The Eight executive who makes requests as “insists” and declares dissatisfaction in an intimidating manner.

The Six husband who makes requests from a mood of distrust.

The Nine manager who struggles to assess others’ competence at fulfilling requests. In Type groups you’ll discuss your actual conversational breakdowns, explore your own strengths and stretches, and practice new ways of speaking and listening. Your booklet and training card summarize the model and Type insights.

Amiel Handelsman
Karen Jacke


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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