Childhood is the key period for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development of a human being. If a child learns to manifest the potential aspects of their being, he or she will have a better capacity to deal with the challenges in life and will be a happy, complete human being. When we look into the Enneagram`s symbology, we discover profound and practical ways of helping children develop their full potential as human beings in their essence. This presentation describes an application of the Enneagram which aids the coordination of a healthy and happy childhood. We will discuss the following themes: 1) The meaning of an Integral Education; 2) The Education Enneagram: what an educator must do to favour an Integral Education; 3) The anti-education Enneagram: what an Educator must avoid; 4) The Educational Values Enneagram: the values of each Enneagram trait which are to be taught to children; 5) The nine Enneagram traits as they appear in children; 6) Precautions in the educational process of children in each Enneagram trait; 7) The ethical use of the Enneagram with children: the importance of not labeling or judging; 8) Resources (games, toys, playful situations) to stimulate the development of the potentials and positive qualities of each Enneagram trait in any child; 9) Practical experiences of the use of the Enneagram with children.

Andre Prudente


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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