Embodied Relationships: Type Based Practices for Shifting from Conflict to Connection. What fuels conflict in relationships? How can we become more understanding and accepting in moments of discord? What ignites our Enneagram type based triggers? With the help of attachment theory, trauma research, and neuroscience these resources are now available. This workshop will teach how relational conflict occurs within the various types. We will explore defense mechanisms, which are implemented when we are overwhelmed and go into survival mode. Also, we will discuss at the latest research related to the nervous system, both in regards to self protection and bonding. Through presentation and experiential small group work, participants will learn practical tools and the latest techniques for remaining grounded and embodied during relational conflict. Participants will also learn to expand their ability to stay open and curious when in disagreements. In embodied relationships, we have more capacity to stay connected then defended.

Zoe Gerlach
Brett Gordhamer


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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