Who wants more energy, presence and time? What if we could have that back from the frustrating recurring situations that drain our energy?

Most people can easily see how others are engaging in drama, while they are trying to stay out of it. In this session we’ll help participants spot their “personas” of the Victim (life is happening “to” me, the Villain (someone’s to blame) and the Hero (create temporary relief) roles and how those align with each Enneagram type. With this familiarity, we’ll create concrete steps for how to shift out of these patterns. In a playful, humorous, yet compassionate setting, we will enact some sample dramas to illustrate how, for instance, an Eight can fall into the Victim role; how a Nine can play the Villain role, and how a Four can play the Hero role.

In this experiential session, participants can play out and even “overplay” a drama they are currently caught in to experience all three drama roles. Participants can then step through the line of responsibility, into the outside perspective of the observer to see new options and choices.

This lively, engaging session will be useful for individual self-knowledge, facilitation or coaching. This material can be applied either for ongoing work with people well-versed in the Enneagram or for people who are learning about the Enneagram for the first time.

Delynn Copley
Kaley Klemp


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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