In its original form, the Enneagram symbol was more than a typology–it was an invitation to experience reality in new ways. The symbol itself has at its center a triangle in a circle, representing what Georges Gurdjieff called the Law of Three–a way of looking at the paradoxes and polarities of life, and understanding them as the engine of genuine development. This triadic view of reality is at the heart of real Enneagram thought, but is also a major part of the underlying spirituality of Western Tradition. Perhaps the most powerful and transformative of these is the polarity of Masculine and Feminine, and it could easily be argued that a more enlightened view of the meaning of both of these creative energies is crucial for the next stages of development for humanity.

In this session, we will explore our ideas of Masculine and Feminine in the light of the Enneagram teachings and particularly from the point of view of the higher aspects–the Essence Qualities, Virtues, and Holy Ideas–and see what we can discover about these energies so central to our existence. We will look not only at Masculine and Feminine as distinct qualities, but also in their profound interrelatedness and co-creation. We are not merely seeking to create new concepts of Masculine and Feminine, but to experience their living, real, and loving dance within each of our centers and within each of the type energies. The session will include meditation, exercises, and music.

Russ Hudson


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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