This workshop will present an overview of the emerging field of Transpersonal Gerontology–a recent and powerful integration of transpersonal psychology and social gerontology–and then discuss its relevance to Enneagram studies and practices. Gerontology, until recently, has taken little account of developments in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. From our side, Enneagram teachers have rarely taken into account important and universal issues and challenges related to getting older such as: “conscious aging” and “spiritual eldering,” life review and preview, mentoring of younger generations, forgiveness work, leaving a legacy, spiritualizing our diminishments, self-care and geriatric concerns. The first 45-60 min. will consist of a presentation on the history, subject matter and key proponents of Transpersonal Gerontology, including a discussion about nine developmental tasks of the later years of life.

Then we will have a 9 Points Panel of “spiritual elders,” educated self-observers over 62 years of age, who will share with us their answers to two questions:

1) How has knowledge of your Enneatype helped you navigate the developmental tasks of the later years of life?

2) How has the aging process been your spiritual teacher and practice?

Carl Marsak


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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