Conscious parenting means getting our judging mind out of the way by becoming curious about ourselves as parents, and curious about our children. Our type influences our ability to see others clearly, including our children.

We cannot connect with our children until we connect with our essential self. This means looking with humility at the positive aspects we identify with, and compassion at the not-so-positive ones we deny. It means integrating the head, heart, and body to become whole people, whole parents. From enlightened awareness of our strengths and limitations, our reactivity is reduced as we learn to pause and sense our way back to our still heart, making our parenting decisions from there. Discipline, which means at its root “to teach”, takes on a different look when it comes from consciously responding to an upset rather than reacting to it.


With a Panel of Parents of all Nine Types, we will explore strengths and limitations, challenges and triggers, and how to work with type bias. Each panelist will describe a “parenting moment” when they broke free of their habit/pattern, allowing something whole and substantial to come forth in the relationship. This workshop is open to all. Though the focus will be parenting, the principles apply to all relationships.

Barbara Whiteside


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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