The Enneagram typology has been around long enough now that a significant number of people are aware of its power to illuminate important elements of our character structure. Some then go a step further and learn the basic principles of self-observation upon which all real Enneagram work depends. We learn more about the real function of the Centers, how to work with them, and develop the capacity to return more quickly and more frequently to the fundamental awareness and presence that is the basis of our consciousness. If we keep working this way, it begins to dawn on us that all of this is preparatory in a sense–that our inner work is actually for something. In this session, we will focus on Gurdjieff’s idea of the Three Lines of the Work: Work on Self, Work with Others, and Work for the Sake of the Work, in relation to the Law of Seven as it arises on the Enneagram symbol. In other words, we will be exploring some of the deeper traditional ideas about working with the Enneagram from the point of view of “taking our place” in a greater cosmos–both as individuals, and potentially, as organizations and as a society. My observation is that organizations are more interested in the second line of work, but cannot accomplish it without sufficient development of the first line, and many spiritual groups that have a well-developed sense of the first line ultimately cease developing because they never get to the second line. I feel this is a challenge to the Enneagram Community at this time–a true shock point in the Gurdjieffian sense.

I also wish to make the ideas here more personal and human by sharing some of my own struggles and breakthroughs in these processes. I want the participants to come away from the session with a powerful sense of the possibility that is here in the authentic Enneagram work, but also of the deeper commitment required if we are going to actually offer this amazing tool to the world in a way that can make a difference.

Russ Hudson


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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