After three days talking about transformation and change, the endnote of the 2015 IEA Conference will discuss provocative, yet inspiring questions: What is the evidence of a true inner transformation? Where am I now in my growth process, and what would be some good next steps for me? What does it really mean to say someone has been transformed? How does the Enneagram help in this? What should be our roles and concerns as Enneagram teachers and practitioners when stimulating and dealing with change? And, what are some collective transformational challenges we share now as members of this international Enneagram community?

The aim of this endnote is to help raise individual and collective commitment to “walking the talk,” while also challenging some myths and assumptions about the nature of change and transformation. To achieve this goal, we will reexamine views and principles of inner work that constitute common ground for different well-respected approaches. And, using the Enneagram symbol in its dynamism as a frame of reference, participants will have the chance to identify what they might be missing now in their own growth paths.

In order to help stimulate this understanding in noncognitive ways, this endnote will also include brief experiential explorations related to this content, with individual volunteers.

Uranio Paes


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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