A unique day expanding the Enneagram’s power by merging it with three complementary paths to transformational change. Russ Hudson, Marion Gilbert and Tom Condon will each present their different perspectives and methods for increasing presence, opening to what is beyond your personal self and living a full life.

Using panels, group exercises and demonstrations the three presenters will offer many ways to unravel personality dilemmas and gain greater freedom and choice. At the end of the day, Russ, Marion and Tom will compare notes and answer questions from the audience.

Come for an enjoyable, enlightening transformative experience!

Russ Hudson (Part 1)

Marion Gilbert (Part 2)

Our first turning to ourselves happens when we realize that our efforts to change our lives are met with significant obstacles. We ask ourselves: “Is this the life I was meant to live?” Or “Is this all there is?” This is the beginning of the “waking up” process that life inevitably invites us into. The conscious “turning inward” from a life largely driven by automatic behavior is the beginning of inquiring if we have a choice. Our unconscious brain patterns are based on early development of neuro-pathways in service of survival. Surely we can all agree there is intelligence in the need to survive and the adaptive patterns of learning. How otherwise can we even begin our quest to inquire within on how to free ourselves. The elaborate descriptors of the 9 Enneagram from a psycho-emotional and spiritual perspective have enlightened all of us on how we are caught in reactivity according to our nine ways of paying attention. Even the underlying motivation for these behaviors have been well covered. In this presentation I would like to take you on a journey to deepen your understanding of the root obstacles to accessing your essential states. This session will illustrate how we can develop capacity for choosing change leading to transformation through integration of the somatic underpinnings of Enneagram type structures.

Tom Condon (Part 3)

During the preconference day, Tom will explain and demonstrate various methods of change as they apply to the Enneagram. He will touch on levels of intervention and good practices that successfully guide personal work and help people outgrow their personality patterns and defenses.

The broader goal is to explore how to shed illusions and fixed beliefs and call forth the natural talents and resources of each Enneagram style. In a spiritual sense, this leads to becoming more compassionate, experiencing the wider world and opening to what beyond your personal self.

Tom will end his presentation with a group experience and hypnotic benediction to help you best use the conference as a place to make meaningful changes.

Russ Hudson
Marion Gilbert
Tom Condon


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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