Transformation with the Enneagram means working with all three centers mind, heart and body. One of the most vital steps to changing our type patterns is recognizing our emotional habit which provides the fuel for our defenses, keeps our mental fixation in place, and infiltrates the activity of our subtype. The nine “passions” are traditionally described with the language of the Christian seven deadly sins, plus two. But it’s time for an update! Not everyone is a Christian plus not every passion is accurate enough. Anger and fear are clearly emotions, but gluttony and lust describe behaviors more than feelings. And sloth doesn’t really work for the emotional habit of the Nines, which is more an angry resistance or stubbornness. We’ll explore how we can identify the actual emotional states – not only when they are obvious, but how they set up a chronic contraction in the heart center in a more subtle way, yet still drive our type structure. What do these feel like inside? What are the physical signals? This workshop will include a presentation and body awareness practice, then move to discussion in type groups with short reports to the whole group.

Peter O’Hanrahan


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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