This presentation takes one on a profoud journey revealing how the order of the Types around the Enneagram reveals the paths to psychological growth and spiritual transformation. This includes a correlation between the Enneagram and Joseph Campbell’s `Hero’s Journey’, Jung’s archetypes and ancient wisdom traditions combined with over 20 years of empirical research findings into the selfimage and core fears of each Type. This fascinating set of correlations explores why clockwise the Enneagram of process reveals the path of psychological development and each Type’s role in society. Counterclockwise the Enneagram of process reveals how each type is an archetypal station along the universal path of personal and spiritual growth.

Easily accelerate psychological and spiritual growth when you discover how the Enneagram of process illuminates the path.

Determine when your Type has been on Campbell’s `Left Hand’ path of the `Hero’s Journey’ or the `Right Hand’ path of conforming

to a social role for security.

Discover how your Enneagram Type is an archetypal station along the path of psychological and spiritual transformation and


For example, learn why Type 8 represents the start of individuation and the point of maturation where one offers protection. And how Type 9 represents spiritual awareness and psychologically the familiar and the known. This multi-media presentation includes power point slides, handouts and exercises for personal growth including discussion and panels.

David Fauvre


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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