I’ve often been asked: “Now that I know my type, what do I do with it?” This session introduces a Transformational Model which presents a structured process to help you get free of your Type’s fixation and get in touch with your authentic self. We will practice how to distinguish “Who is taking now” — the Ego or the Authentic self? And learn how to conduct a direct dialog between the two. Our Ego will always do anything it can to maintain and justify itself. We will expose the way the Ego (our type) lies to us, provides inaccurate information or turning on false alarms. You will get a chance to learn a unique approach of using the Enneagram for actually disarming the Ego and hearing your authentic voice. The whole process will be held with respect and compassion to the Ego. We no longer relate to the Ego as our Enemy! We start to get friendly with it and have a real conversation with that part in us to release the fear and the false beliefs that lie there. The session will include a guided process, practicing in pairs, working in type groups and demonstration of a coaching dialogue.

Osnat Yadgar


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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