The basis for the Enneagram model is the idea of Ego and Essence. This is the premise for understanding how to use the Enneagram for growth. The relationship between Ego and Essence has also been central in the development of human consciousness, and has been described in myths, stories, dramas and even films throughout all times.

In this workshop we will explore Essence in different ways, through teaching, conversation, exercises and guided meditations. We will create greater awareness of what our identification with Ego leads to, and look at the difference between acting from Ego and living in Essence. How can doing so enrich our individual lives and at the same time bring the world forward?

Based on analysis of literature and films, we will give a deeper understanding of what has been described in stories throughout all times: the hero’s battle with the outside world and with himself. This can either take the form of a drama or a tragedy. You will talk in pairs about situations from your own life: What are the Ego temptations of your Enneagram style? Which stories from your own life have the pattern of drama, which of tragedy? What is your path?

Christian Brym
Helene Makani


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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