Have you ever watched helplessly as a colleague spouted embarrassing rhetoric or felt sucked into an argument when you asked a reasonable question? The Enneagram offers a way to understand why that can happen, how to notice your own triggers, and how you can respond more effectively. In this workshop you’ll learn how to navigate the dangers of toxic conversations, get to the heart of emotional overload, and help others feel comfortable in the process. You will discover 3 tools, 3 skills, and Nine Arts of Healthy ConversationsTM. You’ll find out the reasons for conversation catastrophes and what you can do to minimize them. You’ll learn how to effectively stop the rants, re-frame the others’ best intentions, and reduce stress so that you can solve the immediate problem effectively. You’ll have many opportunities to practice these skills in exercises, small group conversations with your type, one-to-one conversations, and large group discussions. You’ll leave with the information and practical experience you need to get consistent relief from hurtful conversations.

Reba Herder


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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