Poet and author David Whyte says that 50% of our life is saying goodbye. This begs the question, “How are we navigating these losses?” Whether loss is related to health, shattered dreams, work or relationships, our personality style moves into patterns and stories that lessen anxiety in the moment, yet doesn’t allow our grieving to flow.

During this workshop, participants will explore how their Enneagram type works with loss in ways that may be life-denying as well as life-giving. Specific areas of focus will be:

the emotional habit that creates specific patterns blocking grief’s movement

the defense mechanism that can prevent a healthy grieving process

the core avoidance of each type that distances us from our emotions

Panels from each of the three centers will allow participants to learn more of type’s complex response to grief. Type groups will discuss the inner resources available for support as well as type-specific healthy strategies for healing. Participants will engage in a brief guided meditation to experience the PAUSE process, created by the presenter, a tool for shifting from internal story to the felt sense of grief. Participants will leave with poetry and a list of resource books.

Sandra Smith


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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