I’m excited to invite an interactive dive into The Language of Life, a name affectionately and respectfully given to the process formally known as “Nonviolent Communication (NVC).” The Language of Life” is a powerful process that invites awareness of our habitual thoughts and communication, and gives us specific principles and tools to maximize connection through honesty and empathy.

Founded and shared world-wide for decades by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD., his legacy has expanded to over 400 certified trainers and dozens of global organizations who provide training and transformational work in schools, businesses and organizations, inner cities, prisons, wartorn regions, health care programs, and with individuals and families.

With thirty years of stories, challenges, and celebrations in sharing and living (to the best of my awareness) this process, my intention is to provide an` overview laced with specific examples and some experiential interludes.

Bring your Enneagram type patterns to join in the exploration of the 4 Key Distinctions that make The Language of Life” a balm for our brains, bodies, and relationships!

Sylvia Haskovitz


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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