From our experience and observations as Warriors for the Human Spirit and Integral Coaches, we have noticed and identified common underlying patterns and places where people tend to stumble or get “stuck” on particular issues or topics places where development stalls, connections break down, and frustration sets in. Our deep curiosity and exploration around these recurring themes led to the creation of the AWP Growth Model (Awareness Willingness Practice): a framework that, when combined with the 3 Centers of Intelligence becomes a powerful and practical resource that supports the growth and transformation of individuals and teams. We have found that, regardless of Enneagram Type, the “stuck-ness” occurs in the Belly Center, the Heart Center or the Head Center and is driven by the underlying emotion associated with that particular Center be it shame, fear or anger. This session will provide insight and awareness of the places where we get “stuck” and an experience of growth and transformation through:

an exploration of the AWP Growth Model

an exploration of the 3 Centers of Intelligence

the alignment and integration of the AWP Growth Model with the 3 Centers of Intelligence

Peter McGaugh
Angie Arendt


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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