Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. He is the creator of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP), a unique method for moving into wholeness that heals the frantic, restless pace of the intelligence in the head by uniting it with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Philip’s work is based on the vision articulated in his celebrated book, New Self, New World: Recovering our Senses in the Twenty-first Century and his newest book, Radical Wholeness, to be released in fall 2017.

Philip’s personal path has been shaped by his adventures as a teenager, cycling alone through Europe, the Middle East, India and Japan; his deep commitment to and studies of bodywork; his experiences as an actor, playing lead roles on stages in London, New York, Chicago and Toronto; and by the burning desire for freedom that has illuminated his entire life.

Philip Shepherd


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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