A workshop to help you translate the Enneagram’s theories into fruitful, effective practice. I will offer two unique, solutionfocused approaches to applying the Enneagram’s insights. The techniques will benefit anyone using the Enneagram for personal or professional growth as well as those who use the Enneagram to promote change in others. We will begin with a group demonstration of the NLP technique of Reframing, newly applied to the Enneagram, with feedback about the experience from group members. Reframing reveals the unconscious motives — called secondary gains — that drive both healthy and unhealthy expressions of Enneagram styles.

Next I will explain and demonstrate the powerful 3D Slideshow Technique, combined with the Enneagram. This approach uses guided imagery to identify the hidden, subtle images that anchor and drive each Enneagram style. The method then converts and transforms these images – to spontaneously release their healthy, high-side potentials. The results are usually pleasant, powerful, surprising and lasting, creating a deeper integration and presence in the user.

Tom Condon


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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